Speed Cleaning – an Easier Way to Keep Your Home Tidy

Speed Cleaning – an Easier Way to Keep Your Home Tidy

A wise woman once said, “Life is too short to spend it cleaning.” Whether you agree with that sentence or not, it is a fact that a (wo)man should not be a slave of his/her house. Of course, no one says that your home should be messy and dirty, but neither should it be taken care of as if it was the most important thing in the world.

Cleaning is much easier if the space is kept tidy all the time, and this can be done with ‘speed cleaning’. And for your speed cleaning to be effective, here are some proven tricks and tips.

Make a list

The first step to productivity is to create a to-do list, which is simply a list of tasks that you need to do when it comes to cleaning.  It is a lot easier and more satisfying to tidy up with a list because you can keep track of things without worrying about whether you will forget or skip something important, and when you do a task you can cross it off.  This will make you feel active, organized and less stressed.

Quickly tidy up before dusting

Quickly tidy up whatever is messy and out of place – papers, random stuff, toys, etc. After that, look at the places in the house that have the most dust, and go into action. Wipe away any dusty surfaces with a wet cloth (or wet wipes, but they are not really great for the environment), and do not forget about small decorations such as picture frames, night lights, etc.

Change the bed sheets

Change sheets and linens in all the bedrooms, towels in bathrooms, and also change the pillow cases on all the decorative pillows in the house. It is an easy and fast way to freshen up your home.

Clean the glass surfaces

Go through the whole house and wipe away any mirrors and glass surfaces (not windows, leave them for the detailed cleaning). You can do this task relatively quickly, and you will feel like you have done a lot. Mirrors and glass surfaces can be easily soiled and look much nicer when clean and shiny. When cleaning glass surfaces, it is recommended that you use microfiber cloths.

Clean all the other surfaces

The next step is to go through all of the surfaces such as shelves, doorknobs, tables, etc. Use disinfectant wipes to wipe down all the surfaces in the kitchen and the bathroom, such as a sink, a stove, a toilet bowl, a bathtub, a desk and other things (the more natural and environmentally friendly option is to use a cloth and a mixture of wine vinegar and water).

Vacuuming and cleaning of the floors should be done last

Leave vacuuming for after you finish everything else, as the dust and other dirt will keep falling on the floor while you are cleaning other things. Vacuum first and then wipe the wooden and tile floors. Finally, light an essential oil lamp or a scented candle for an extra feeling of cleanliness and freshness.

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