Living In Small Spaces: NY

Living In Small Spaces: NY

If you choose to live in a 78sqft apartment, you’ll need to be an architect, friends with an architect or at the very least, handy with a bit of 2×4.

When architect Luke Clark Tyler, couldn’t find an apartment in the area of Manhattan he wanted to live in, somewhere close to where he works and plays and within his price range, he came across a 78sqft  bedsit which with his architects’ vision, he saw had potential. So he jumped at the chance, moved in and promptly customised the narrow, claustrophobic-looking space into a smart, functional home.

The room was so narrow, he was unable to fit a bed lengthways, so he designed a flip up bed which allowed him to design a sofa area underneath it, using plywood and 2x4s and some cushions. The effect is impressive.

He keeps his personal items, for example clothes and toiletries, inside a built-in wardrobe, which he customised with compartments for his plates, microwave, books etc. There is no kitchen space but states in the video that he doesn’t really need one as he’s a vegetarian and so doesn’t need to cook meat. He does have a mini-refrigerator which forms part of his desk  as he works for home as a contract architect and a bathroom where he can

In the lovely mini-documentary, he admits that if he hankers after a cooking session, he’ll simply go over to a friends house. He has also had friends and family stay and they take the bed whilst he uses the sofa cushions on the floor beside the bed. Luke is confident and happy in his living space, and doesn’t see living small as a sacrifice – in fact he mentions he lived in a place half the size in Kenya the year before.

Check out the video below and Luke’s website.

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