Tiny House,Giant Journey

Tiny House,Giant Journey

Caravans and motor homes are gorgeous for short holiday breaks and longer touring holidays and most of us are familiar with seeing them on the roads of the world. But Guillaume Dutilh and Jenna Spesard decided that a caravan simply wasn’t homely enough for them; so they built their own mobile home instead. From scratch.

The couple spent a year building their tiny house, complete with kitchen, a second floor bedroom, bathroom with composting loo and spacious lounge, before packing up their lives, moving in and hitting the road – for the long haul.

The house has wheels measures a wee 125-square-foot, it is 6’8 wide and 10’6 high on the inside. Including their furniture, home comforts and essentials like gas and water, the house weighs about 4,581.3kg which slightly heavier than your average caravan here and would be over the legal towing weight for the UK, however in most north American states, it seems this is fine.

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In fact, since leaving their home state of California in September with their dog Sallie, they have travelled over 10,000 miles and visited 25 states, recently completing the full tour of all east coast states and heading south west.

From build to trip the costs have totalled more than $30,000 but the couple have been welcomed like celebrities on the way thanks to their online website, ‘Tiny House, Giant Journey’ and their Youtube channel too, which has so far nearly 10,000 subscribers with the videos getting over 1,000,000 hits.  The project allows them to afford their unique lifestyle and has turned into full-time travel journalism roles for the couple. It has seen them meet other ‘tiny housers’ as they call themselves and they have lots of B.B.BBQ events (Build, Beer, BBQ). There is, believe it or not, a strengthening ‘Tiny House Movement’ building across the states and these people are seem fully ‘normal’ and determined that big is bad and tiny is totally tremendous (sorry, lol, if you think that’s bad, you should check out their website).

See their latest video below.

photo credit: Tiny House, Giant Journey

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