Upcycling 101: What You Need to Know

Upcycling 101: What You Need to Know

If you’ve never heard of upcycling, you’re missing out! It’s an amazing way to re-use and re-purpose old, damaged, or useless items.

Simply put, upcycling is taking an item and finding a way to make it better. You don’t just make it look better, but you put it to good use.

Here are a few things you can upcycle:

  • TVs -­- You know those old CRT TVs that no one uses anymore? Instead of getting rid of them, why not turn it into a fish tank? TV consoles can also be turned into extra shelves, wardrobes, and even consoles for use in the kitchen.
  • Dressers — If it’s wooden and has drawers, you can find a use for it! It can be turned into an entertainment unit, a place to store your wine collection, or even extra storage space in the garage. You can even use the drawers separate from the dresser!
  • Tables — Just because a table is damaged or missing legs, that doesn’t mean it’s useless! You can use the tabletop separate from the base, or anchor one end of the table to the wall in order to keep it upright.
  • China cabinets — All those old cabinets can come to life if you re-finish them right! The cabinet has many shelves and drawers, all of which can be used to store books, video games, video consoles, DVDs, jewelry, and the list goes on!
  • Old beds — You know the kind with the four posts and the huge headboards? You can turn those into comfortable seats to use around the house, turn the headboard into a table of some sort, and use the base for all sorts of things.

Upcycling is all about being creative with the old and making it into something new!

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