Wall Socket Covers. You Need Them!

Wall Socket Covers. You Need Them!

Ever looked at your plug sockets and thought just how boringly functional and practical those little squares look all over your home? Yes, we did too. And so did this man. And check out his cool wall socket covers! Makes you want to go crazy with some wood and a wood-carving tool, doesn’t it?

He created these cute as wee sliding Japanese doors made out of wood to cover his sockets! Sliding doors.In a Japanese style. Sigh. And he created lots of different styles too, like the Shoji screen which opens from the middle. Then there’s the single sliding door one. So so clever!



So then we dug deeper and found these stickers of pigs and dogs and cats which you can stick around the socket and it then becomes their noses and very much a part of the image. Designed by an artist called Adrien Gardère, who must have a pretty decent sense of humour!



But then, we suddenly thought: what if you don’t want funny drawings all over your home? What if you’re more the practical type who enjoys functionality and things that work and work well? You’d definitely have the latest mobile phone, and that would definitely need charging on  daily basis. With wires. With wires which are plugged into the wall and are coiled up or tangled for all to see (and trip up on). Then we found these and we cried, ‘oh how cute and perfect and functional, all at the same time!’  Then we read up on them; handmade from cotton and made to order – how unique, how individual! How we wanted one. We reached for our credit cards…  then we saw ‘shipped only to US’ and.. we looked closer at the photo and… realised that it didn’t really look like a UK socket or plug at all. UK plugs are square, and that hole is round. Square…round…hmm. Oh.


photo credit: Source | Via | Pinterest

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