I’m Dreaming Of A…Warm Wet Christmas?

I’m Dreaming Of A…Warm Wet Christmas?

Britain is facing a warm, wet Christmas rather than the hoped for snowy one, the Met Office has disappointingly predicted.

According to the Met blog, temperatures across the UK are probably going to stay above average which means it would be unwise to place those bets on us having a white Christmas day.

Apparently they stopped making seasonal forecasts after that year they got all our hopes up with the promise of a roasting hot summer in 2009 and we ended up having the wettest summer since records began!,

They have, however, released a ‘rolling three month forecast’ giving details of the type of weather they are reasonably expecting for the coming winter – warm and wet. This is apparently because of weather patterns in the North Atlantic bringing in warmer westerly winds which are of above-average temperatures.

The recent non-stop rains we’ve been experiencing aren’t even the half of it, according to the forecasts. What’s being predicted is likely to cause seasonal traffic and transport chaos and the fear of flooding, especially for those families in high-risk areas who will remember only too well the awful chaos of last winter when almost 50,000 families were left without power on Christmas Day thanks to record rainfall. Despite this, the Met Office have said  that the risk of this happening again is small

“For both December and December-February as a whole, above-average mean temperatures are more likely than below-average,” said a Met Office spokesman. “Above-average precipitation is favoured, and although uncertainty is large, there is a clear shift towards more likely wetter than average conditions. It would be a mistake to interpret a very mild outcome as ‘highly likely.’ Very cold conditions cannot be ruled out. Even in the event of an overall mild winter, we could still see spells of cold or very cold weather.”

This dreadful rain will apparently be followed in the deepest winter months of January and February by ‘bitter’ Easterly winds from Russia. Remember the December 2010 big freeze? Yep, those very same winds are back to nip our noses off and push us further into post-Christmas depression.

Thanks Met! Over it already! I’m definitely playing the lottery this weekend! Check out this video forecast from the Met blog.

photo credit: The Telegraph

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