What to do With Outdoor Spaces Part 3

What to do With Outdoor Spaces Part 3

One of the best things about outdoor spaces is the cool breeze on a hot summer’s day, but what happens when the breeze turns chilly? How do you stay warm?

There are always blankets–a beautiful, cozy solution for when the temperature drops. You can all bundle up in warm, thick blankets, making your evenings of sitting around your outdoor living room much more comfy.

But if you want to really warm things up during the winter, here are the options to consider:

  • Free-standing outdoor space heater — You’ve seen these heaters at restaurants many times! They have sort of a “mushroom top”, which helps to disperse the heat in a wide circle. These heaters can be very effective at driving away the cold, but they can be a bit pricey to run. You can find space heaters that run on electricity as well as propane and gas, and you’ll find that they’re one of the most efficient methods of heating your outdoor spaces.
  • Infrared heater –– These electric-powered heaters provide more heat than gas or propane heaters, but they’ll raise your electric bill over the winter. Some of them will be free-standing, but some can be attached to railings, stands, or tables for more direct heat.  Definitely worth considering!
  • Tabletop heaters –– These heaters are small and portable, meaning they won’t generate as much heat. Whether you use electric, gas, or propane heaters, you’ll usually only be warmed if you’re directly in the path of the heater. But they’re cheaper to run than the larger space heaters, and ideal if you have only one or two people to keep warm. They can sit on a bench, on the floor, or even on a table, and you can point them straight at you.

In Part 4, we’ll look at furniture ideas for your outdoor spaces…

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