What Your Christmas Tree Says About You

What Your Christmas Tree Says About You

Do you know what your Christmas tree says about you?

Bright, colorful tree — Forget the traditional Christmas tree; you’re breaking out of the mold! You’re a whimsical person who enjoys the new and unusual, and like your tree, you tend to stand out in a crowd.

Pristine symmetry — Christmas needs to be done right, and you take your décor as seriously as you take everything else in life. It’s not about the fun or festivity, but you care more about using the Christmas tree as a décor element. Everything must be done just right.

Mix and match — You don’t care about how the Christmas tree looks! Instead, it’s all about the memories of happy times. You have all sorts of ornaments on the tree, and many of them are reminders of your past. Sentimental value all the way!

Natural Douglas fir — Practicality be damned; Christmas is all about tradition! You can’t live without that fresh pine smell, and you’d rather put up with the hassle and mess of a real Christmas tree just to keep up with family traditions.

White, gold, and silver — You’re an eternal optimist who is still hoping for that perfect White Christmas, even if you know it will never come!

Mini-me — You don’t have the money or space for a proper tree,  but you still need those touches of Christmas at home. Besides, it’s so much easier to clean up the smaller tree once Christmas has come and gone.

Non-traditional -­- You want to break free of the old and “boring”, so you try something new and quirky. Chances are, Christmas isn’t your favorite time of year anyways, but you’re simply decorating to keep with the holiday conventions. At least you’re trying…

Image Source: marldonchristmastrees.co.uk


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