Youtube and online tutorial sites encourage DIY doom

Youtube and online tutorial sites encourage DIY doom

Want to fix that wobbly hinge? YouTube it. Need to fix that leaky pipe? YouTube it! This has been the cry of our generation since social media took over our lives.

And whilst we have always been a nation of DIYers, these days, thanks to austerity measures and Youtube, we all think we’re capable of fixing just about any DIY concern in and around the house. But according to The Mirror newspaper we might be biting off more than we can chew, and costing ourselves an arm and a leg in the long-run.

According to a new survey, householders are being persuaded by cool online ‘How to’ videos that most home DIY jobs are easy enough to take on themselves, with the help of the tutorials, then end up calling on the professionals to fix the additional damage they’ve created.

Online tutorial videos are everywhere these days with the advent of social media and those skilled professionals, along with some nifty editing, make complicated tasks look like a walk in the park, giving  people the confidence to take on DIY tasks that are way beyond their capabilities, from joinery to plumbing.

The survey, undertaken by the insurance firm LV= , of 2,000 people, revealed that an impressive one in 25 of us had, ‘damaged their property because of poor DIY’ and between us the rectifications have cost millions of pounds to get fixed.

The report claims that the DIY jobs most likely to go wrong were sealing the bath or shower unit and filling in cracks in walls, causing water damage and even electrical faults.

Selwyn Fernandes, managing director of LV= , was quoted today in the Mirror article saying: “August Bank Holiday is a key time for homeowners to undertake some DIY, but they need to be realistic about how much they can achieve without professional help.”

So the moral of the story is: be honest with yourself. Can you really build that fence without taking down next door’s? Do you really want to risk it?

Have you undertaken more jobs you’ve had to hand over to the professionals at an additional cost? We’d love to hear  all about your DIY mishaps in the comments below. 

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